Opportunities for expansion

The international seaport of Den Helder offers a wealth of space and possibilities. It is the home base for a growing number of offshore-related businesses, and homeport for the fleet of the Royal Dutch Navy, as well as a large fishing fleet and a modern fish auction. The extremely favourable geographical location offers a wide range of possibilities for (water-related) businesses. The broad selection of civilian and maritime enterprises means the location offers more than merely business opportunities. Knowledge institutes, research organisations and education centres have all found their way to Den Helder.

Intensive cooperation between these various parties is essential for the further development of the area. Given the projects already implemented and the ambitious plans for the future, such cooperation is proving higly succesfull. See:

  • Kooypunt: this commercial estate is in a constant state of development. Just a short distance from the seaport and Den Helder Airport, alogside important supply routes, Kooypunt is an excellent location for a wide range of business.
  • Kooyhaven: the growing demand from the market for port-based commercial estates has led to the development and establishment of Kooyhaven (starting in 2014). With a direct link to the open sea, large plot sizes and plenty of availability, Kooyhaven is the ultimate answer to demand from the market.
  • Seaport: breackneck developments in the field of technology and research have led to rapid growth in demands form the market, which to date have always been successfully met by the seaport. The seaport of Den Helder has become the North Sea's largest offshore logistic hub. The joint use of the infrastructure and the Naval quaysides operated by civilian companies guarantees hugely-extended port capacity.